Thursday, 2 June 2016

I am having fun in Amsterdam!

Even though it was freezing cold...

I'm still having fun!!!!!!

13th November 2015 - 15th November 2015


WINTER SHOES - very important! 

I bought it for 180 euro = around RM800 (T_T half of my pocket money) at De Bijenkorf Shopping Mall *pic below*

What to do? I can't stand the cold. My foot is numb and I can't feel my toes. I was hoping I can use the winter shoes again for my next trip (hopefully korea or japan? if...)



I have nothing to complaint! Breakfast was amazing!

Holy Bacon and Cheese and Croissant and Scramble Egg!!!!


above : look at my face!!! that is when the cold wind hit my face and can you imagine??? I can't feel my face at all!!!

below : so there is a bench outside the hotel we're staying and I put my cellphone on the bench, press selfie mode but with 10 seconds timer and run backwards like 15 steps, there you go! tadaaa!!! not-so-professional snapshot pic mwahahahaha 


main attraction : red light district (but no photos allowed...cehhh even I want to, our tour guide forbid us to do so)

above : inside boat view through the suez canal

below : doing my selfie!

above : the jetty

below : this one I took right after we finished our tour around the red light district. 

Red light district : A place for men to satisfy their need. It is legal and all the women have to do is standing naked or half naked inside a beautifully designed shop that looks like a bedroom with big window and hideous curtain (I am no judgemental but God knows what happened behind the curtain, haha!)

I guess this is a legal firm? Maybe I can work here one day? But I need to study European law and their language hahaha

After our tour around the city, Anthony brought us to Dirk Supermarket to buy our daily needs such as water, snacks, etc...

and its cheap!

blueberries costs only 1 euro but in Kota Kinabalu the price is around RM10 - RM20

same goes to bottled water....very cheap, 0.39 cents euro but in Kota Kinabalu the cheapest bottled water you can find is at speedmart, RM0.97 cents


At the end of the tour, we went to Chinese Restaurant to have our dinner! Comments? Less salt and not really my favourite....

The next day (15th Nov 2015) we went to the flower market...

Along the way to flower was very crowded street...I managed to visit Sephora and bought lipstick for 13 euro only...

So....we arrived at the flower market....the crowd still there...lots of tourists but i'm the only yellow one....kehkehkeh

Starting point...

In the middle of the flower market...gahh I dont like the many people and I'm afraid with pickpockets

Look what I found!!!!!!!!! Drug store? Hahaha....

They also sell vape flavor infused with cannabis? and weed candy for 1 euro... wow...I am tempted but I'm afraid I can't pass through the immigration hahaha

Last but not's pic of nutella for you....indulge!

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