Monday, 4 January 2016

My First Trip Abroad : KK - Hong Kong - Amsterdam

I never been to any places abroad and my longest flight ever is only 3 hours.

I've been dreaming to go somewhere far away from my home town and one of it is "Hawaii".

However, I choose to travel to Europe instead of travelling to Hawaii.

So............this is my first travel blog (there's always your first time, isn't? haha) to Amsterdam - Belgium - France.

KOTA KINABALU - HONG KONG (TRANSIT) via Jet Star on 12th November 2015

Below picture, the person with long sleeve red shirt and pink luggage...yeah that's me. I really don't have any idea what kind of apparel to wear when travelling but as long it is comfortable then I am OKAY with it.

  KKIA Departures' Hall (Now has moved to KKIA2)

HONG KONG (TRANSIT) to AMSTERDAM via Cathay Pacific on 12th November 2015

We arrived in Hong Kong after 3 hours flight and we have to wait for 8 hours for boarding to the next plane. After few discussions we decided to take quick tour around Tsim Tsa Tsui. know... just to take quick selfie and snap photos as many as we can with the limited time we have...

Hong Kong International Airport. The guy with black blazer at my back is our tour guide and his name is Anthony.

Oh...I forgot to tell ya'll... I travelled with my parents-in-law and we bought our tour package at Popular Express Travel Sdn Bhd (during Matta Fair, it's affordable!). Well, my husband can't come with us due to his exam is around the corner.

If you want to visit the city by bus, you have to purchase ticket (A21) at the counter. Ask around. It is easy to spot the ticket counter. I can't converse Mandarin or Cantonese very well but I gave a shot! "dui pu chi, wo mei you ticket. ticket zhu na li?"
ahahhahaha whatever, at least I tried and the person who I ask question to, understand what I meant and she show me where the ticket counter is. No person harmed during the process ahhahahaha

Above is the bus hubs and below is the Train Railway Map.

No celebrities?? No problem!! hahaaa 

Andy Lau

I forgot the name of this movie but I like it so much!

Bruce Lee! waattaaaaa

Finally!!!!!!!!!! Tsim Tsa Tsui.... tempat artis2 belakon hahaa

What a beautiful scenery at night

After a quick tour, we went back to the airport and snap some pics...again....

and I dont really have any idea that my journey will take that thaatt loooooooonggggggggg............

*my parents in law*

HOLLAND, AMSTERDAM 13th November 2015

Finally....... 10 hours flight.... this is so unsual for me.... I remember I slept for few hours and the cabin crew woke us up and prepare breakfast for us... but I think we just had our dinner meals like 3 hours ago *cry confusedly and laugh...kahkahkahka


It's warm inside the airport.

but when I went to the outside........IT WAS FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!! I still can smile though....

the same smile....I guess my smile "froze" by the cold wind. lol

I managed to snap pic from the inside of our bus... "Amsterdam" ...just because....ngeheheh

OUR FIRST STOP! The cheese factory...nyummm nyummm I am supaaa hangrayyy

lotsss of cheeseee.....and demonstration of making cheese

wine section! 

the cheese shop!

wine and cheese? PERFECT. They gave us lots of cheese to test and I ended up buying 500g smoked bacon cheese...hurm.

Trust me. It is so farking cold!!!!!!!! I felt dizzy and blurry. I'm not used to it because I came from a place with 30 degree hot! also known as Keningau.

Enjoying the view with limited sun light.

Holland is famous with wooden shoes.

 Since it was freezing cold and my adidas sneakers is killing my foot! I decided that I want to buy winter shoes!!!!! I know, I should've thought of this long time ago before this tour...but hey...this is my first time....

The souvenir shop.


Oh...I just love the view....

Anthony told us that since land is so limited in Holland, they built floating house (made from container, like the MAERSK one? but better) at the is expensive too...

Our SECOND stop...the farmer's village...pardon for my limited lightning in the photo....

there you gooooooooo! sunshine! but still cold. heh

ohhhh i love the view <3 <3

sun is up! but still cold~


Wafels is everywhere! 

Doll shop

Sea view <3

on a small bridge inside the cheese shop~

where they hangouts~

HEINEKKEN!!! haus haus

Inside the restaurant...

Waiting for food...

Soup as appetizer....hurmmm not my fav

Fish & Chip...well its ok.... 

the dessert! soft ice cream with crepes and whip cream...not too it!

my next entry gonna be "Belgium"

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