Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mount Kinabalu

If you're Sabahan and haven't climb the Mount Kinabalu, you should plan starting from today! Worth it...

** 16th September 2013 - 17th September 2013 **
-Before Earthquake-

We start our journey from Timpohon Gate at 9.30am and it's kinda late because the other climbers started at around 4am to 6am.

Picture Credit to (below photos owned by me)


We hired a guide for our group (three of us) and looking at the stairs, I should have known that I need extra training for fitness and stamina. 


KM 2.0 : at this point, my heart beating faster and I almost couldn't catch up with my breath.


I found this little cutie and fed it with biscuits.


I have long way to go and I started to think, why would I want to do this???


Look at my outfit...bahahaha! Where's my badminton racket though?


Finally...we arrived at Layang-Layang Hut and we have our lunch (sandwich and an apple)... 

Above is a photo of a man with gas tank at his back and it is his job, he do it for a living... He will get paid for porting goods from uphill to downhill OR downhill to uphill...


So.....another 2 kilometers before we reach Laban Rata Resthouse... Kindly google and find the latest map of the trail because everything's changed after the earthquake in 2015...


Photo of my Aunt, Linda. Full with strength and stamina. I admire her haha!

Beautiful scenery


Finally!!! We arrived at Laban Rata Resthouse...So we have our dinner and hours of rest before continue our journey to Low's Peak...

17th September 2013

We started our journey to Low's Peak at around 1.00am. It was very cold, dark and migraine attacked me. All I have is my headlamp, water but no medicine. =(

My Aunt and her boyfriend went ahead of me and left me behind with our guide. I couldn't catch them.

By the time I reached Sayat-sayat Hut, it was around 5am and the gate to the Low's Peak has been closed. My guide won't allow me to continue...So, we have to wait until the sunrise before going back to Timpohon Gate...

I am very upset because I failed my mission to reach Low's Peak.... T_T

Going down. Tired. Hungry.

Our dorm at Gunting Langadan. Rest, wait for my Aunty and her boyfriend. After that we check out.

My Aunt described the view from Low's Peak were very beautiful. I am so jealous so I asked her to take photo of me GAHAHAHA.

After having our meals, we headed back down to Timpohon Gate.

My leg hurts and I will come back again to conquer Low's Peak!!!!

Here is the photo of Donkey's ear in 2013 before the earthquake in 2015.


Friday, 3 June 2016

We survive in Paris!

Nothing can stop us!!!!!!!!!

Our tour guide, Anthony, asked us to pray for our safety. Thank you LORD! and...I ran out of money for shopping...tee hee!

17th November 2015 - 18th November 2015

We start our five hours journey from Belgium to Paris. Half hour before we reach Paris capital city, we have to go through security check which basically the police will ask for our passports. This police man give me weird look when he opened my passport...Maybe it is because that I'm wearing make up and weird colour ombre hair?? So, I have to smile like I smile in my passport's photo. Damn! hahahaha...

Thats my parents-in-law. Hi mommy!

We managed to stop by at the roadside just to take photo of this beautiful Arc de Triompe...

After that, we arrived at our destination and of course, EAT FIRST! Again...less salt food...non spicy food...halal beef...urghhh.... (we are multi racial and multi religion group)

Taadaaaaaaaa!!!!!! After lunch, we went straight away to Eiffel Tower. Its empty! Normally it is crowded but maybe because of the bombing attack, people afraid to go here... 

Me. Trying to be funny. Because I remember a meme from 9gag where this guy asking for his pic to be edited. It turns out funny and worse!

We only have 10 minutes to stop by...after that Anthony asked us to get into the bus...and I manage to snap this photo when our bus driver passed through the Eiffel Tower...

The Lourve. Entrance to the shopping mall. Need to go through security check.

That's the shopping mall...classy sassy... We spend the whole day at shopping mall. By the way, Anthony told us that we have tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower at Level 2 but can't assure us that we can go visit Eiffel Tower in the next day... So sad...

*** NEXT DAY ***

Next!! National Assembly in Paris... just to take picture of it...

One of the famous Dome Church in Paris...

Paris Canal

Boat ride! YAY!

Selfie before boat ride. Duh...I don't have to wear snow cap anymore...because I can get along with the cold wind muahahaha....

Inside the boat...

View from inside the boat... =( so sad...we cant was closed to public...

The famous LOVE BRIDGE... Kiss under the bridge and you will have everlasting love life...heheheh I forgot which bridge...there are too many...

Notre Dame de Paris~ I wish I can go visit there but it wasn't in our itinerary...ONE DAY HUNCHBACKKKKK!!!! I will come back~~

After the boat ride, shopping again! Here's my photo with storm-trooper!

In the middle of the road...

The mall...

My fav! Macaroons!

The supermarket...

To summarize the day, we went to have dinner at Chinese Street... I didnt take photo of the restaurant... Food? Same. 

After this photo, I am so tired and I didn't take any photos...but what I remember, we went back to the hotel and sleep...Perhaps it was the jet-lag... 

The next morning, 19th November 2015 is our flight to go back home departing from Paris' airport... few months after that, Belgium airport was attacked... wheww...

Here's photo of me at the Arc de Triomphe...

- End of my Europe Tour -

Next destination : Brussels, Belgium (plus with Paris' bombing stories)

Everything went well...

We worried about nothing...but then...on Friday the 13th day of November 2015, we heard about the bomb attack at Bataclan Theatre, Paris... At that time, we were at Amsterdam and four persons from our group left the tour and went back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

We kinda worried a bit but this trip cost us a fortune and that attack didn't stop us from visiting Europe...we proceed our tour to Brussels, Belgium.

15th November 2015 - 16th November 2015

Atomium : This building was made from stainless steel and it is a symbol of steel industries in Belgium. This building was closed to the public.

Selfie in the middle of the road. LOL!

That's the church.

Sitting on the grass, looking classy and I think I'm used to the coldness (thats why I didnt wear gloves)

Don't be fooled. This is me posing for selfie. You need coins if you want to ride the bicycle. bahaha...

After visit to the Atomium, we went to the city center.

Place where people hang outs.

Chocolate coloured elephant <3

Like I said, they like to sit here and hang around... Next!!! We EAT!!!

Mussels. Earthy flavor. Less salt. Boiled with leek. Soupy. Not my favourite...huhu

To quench my thirst, I ordered Belgian me, it tasted NYUMMYY

Manneken Piss : which means, little man pee... I dont know why people wants to see a little kid pee? But then I was made to understand that this statue is an ART (stolen many times and restored many times) and on several occasions, the statue will be dressed in costume. Weird.

Moving the flea market...where you can find affordable souvenirs for your family and friends...

Boots for the skinheads!!

Grand Central, Belgium. Where people hangouts. Again... 
One thing we were worried about is being the target of could be the capital city of Belgium as their target because there are so many people and it is very crowded... I can say we are the easy target...

GODIVA THE EXPENSIVE CHOCOLATES IN MALAYSIA...gahaha but here you can get one box for 20 euros only... consider cheap for euro currency...(don't compare with MYR because it is different)

Me. In the middle of the crowd. Its empty in the middle but crowded in every corner of Grand Central.

I saw a horse carriage and try to take a selfie with it. That carriage is at my back. duh.

Everard t'Serclaes : A guy who loves this city so much that he got assassinated. Go Google!!!

1 euro for nyummy wafels!!!!!!!!!!

Biscuits!!!!!!! I should buy it but I didn't because I feel full at that time... =(

Somewhere nearby the Grand Central... I was walking alone and thankfully I found my way back to our checkpoint, Everard t'Serclaes. Gahahahhaha!!!

I dont care!! I've been saving money for this delicacy... 
9 EUROS for 6 Pieces

Here is a picture for you to remember the November 2015 attack in Paris...