Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mount Kinabalu

If you're Sabahan and haven't climb the Mount Kinabalu, you should plan starting from today! Worth it...

** 16th September 2013 - 17th September 2013 **
-Before Earthquake-

We start our journey from Timpohon Gate at 9.30am and it's kinda late because the other climbers started at around 4am to 6am.

Picture Credit to (below photos owned by me)


We hired a guide for our group (three of us) and looking at the stairs, I should have known that I need extra training for fitness and stamina. 


KM 2.0 : at this point, my heart beating faster and I almost couldn't catch up with my breath.


I found this little cutie and fed it with biscuits.


I have long way to go and I started to think, why would I want to do this???


Look at my outfit...bahahaha! Where's my badminton racket though?


Finally...we arrived at Layang-Layang Hut and we have our lunch (sandwich and an apple)... 

Above is a photo of a man with gas tank at his back and it is his job, he do it for a living... He will get paid for porting goods from uphill to downhill OR downhill to uphill...


So.....another 2 kilometers before we reach Laban Rata Resthouse... Kindly google and find the latest map of the trail because everything's changed after the earthquake in 2015...


Photo of my Aunt, Linda. Full with strength and stamina. I admire her haha!

Beautiful scenery


Finally!!! We arrived at Laban Rata Resthouse...So we have our dinner and hours of rest before continue our journey to Low's Peak...

17th September 2013

We started our journey to Low's Peak at around 1.00am. It was very cold, dark and migraine attacked me. All I have is my headlamp, water but no medicine. =(

My Aunt and her boyfriend went ahead of me and left me behind with our guide. I couldn't catch them.

By the time I reached Sayat-sayat Hut, it was around 5am and the gate to the Low's Peak has been closed. My guide won't allow me to continue...So, we have to wait until the sunrise before going back to Timpohon Gate...

I am very upset because I failed my mission to reach Low's Peak.... T_T

Going down. Tired. Hungry.

Our dorm at Gunting Langadan. Rest, wait for my Aunty and her boyfriend. After that we check out.

My Aunt described the view from Low's Peak were very beautiful. I am so jealous so I asked her to take photo of me GAHAHAHA.

After having our meals, we headed back down to Timpohon Gate.

My leg hurts and I will come back again to conquer Low's Peak!!!!

Here is the photo of Donkey's ear in 2013 before the earthquake in 2015.


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